Welcome to Cap40

An integrated hub for Cape Town entrepreneurs, business networking and connection, aggregating a social network and a complete set of resources into an unique platform.

In this platform, both South African and French companies are able to share ideas and information to encourage business results.

This social network, knowledge and resources exchange platform aims at helping people to do business in our region, and also help South Africans who want to work in France.

We think that the French business community in Cape Town can grow very substantially in the technology, tourism, wine, energy and retail sectors which are traditionally strong. That would mean attracting, developing and retaining French talent via improving the fluidity of opportunity (internship, jobs, projects, business) across the community.

You must have understood how important it appears to promote the optimization of all business opportunities, through lobbying, connecting and sharing knowledge within the French Community. Cap 40 is the perfect platform for this.


Cap 40 is the platform through which:

You would learn from French entrepreneurs in Cape Town.

You can chat about the places and events to be in Cape Town.

You can find jobs and internship opportunities in South Africa for French people or vice versa.

You can use contacts to run your own business or invest in the Western Cape, and you can belong to a special group of interests within the community.

You can use this network to find any further information about business in Cape