October 12

Personal history with South Africa and France

I've been raised in Africa (Côte d'Ivoire). After my post graduate degree that I get in France, I choose to come back in Africa for my master degree. I've choose South Africa to pass one year in an English country to improve my english and also because the audiovisual industry is very developed there. So for someone who wants to be a filmmaker it was the best choice and I've no regret.

Current company


Professional Background

I graduated from a Higher Certificate in Digital Film Production of SAE Institute in Cape Town, after graduating in France from a Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Project Management, where Iwas able to live a rich professional experience in the framework of my studies alternating within a communication agent as a Digital Project Manager Junior. In parallel with my time at the university, I assured the media coverage of the French Tech Cape Town Program. I was also media manager for the Cap40 net work, which has the ambition to create a point between the Francophone and South African business community within the Cape Town region and beyond.

Interests in life

travel, photography, read