February 21

Personal history with South Africa and France

I lived in Windhoek when I was younger and came back to Southern Africa in June 2013. Since, I have been living in Cape Town for fore than a year and manage to spend a couple weeks over here yearly.

Current company

K7 Records Berlin

Professional Background

I have been working for 6 months as a marketing manager assistant at African Eagle Day tours for an internship in 2013. Later on, in 2016, I have been working on the establishment of a travel company called "Academic Safaris" combining travel and english classes. In April 2016, I have been a guide and french translator for Toer-Boer, a Johannesburg based tour operator. In May 2016, I have been asked to coordinate logistics and take care of an 18 ppl group down the Orange river in Namibia at Bushwhacked Camps.

Interests in life

Natural History, Music Composition, Arts, Reading