August 8

Personal history with South Africa and France

I was in Cape Town for the first time in june 2008. I was studying in France and my Boyfriend was studying at Cape Town. We are together since the age of 15. I went there to visit him. Since we live, unfortunately, in a long distance relationship. I go to Cape Town every year as often as I can. This year we finally decide to settle down in Cape Town. He was suppose to come in France but I am in love with this beautiful city.. I really have it under my skin! So I am looking for a job there to make our first dream comes true (settle down together) and finally be able to live in that city that I love so much! So if you can help me make it happen (advise, job proposal etc) I will be glad to hear from you :)

Current company

Intrum Justitia France

Professional Background

I am responsible for the operational marketing for key account. My job is about making a complete map of the market in these different sectors: Banks and others Financial institutions, Insurances, Energy water & gas companies, transports. I must identify the needs of those sectors and find how we can satisfy those needs with our services. Then after I contact them (CFO, CREDIT MANAGER, PURCHASING MANAGER, CEO, GENERAL MANAGER and so on. Actually the goal is to meet the highest representative of the branch we want to work with. And this is my job. I organize events and invite them, I make mailing by using different channels, I look for their direct number and call them directly etc etc I have different degrees in marketing, communication and firm management: - Master Degree in Marketing and Firms Management specialized in Firm Creation - Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Firm Management - BTS (equivalent of ND) in commercial units management - Matrix in Arts (literary)

Interests in life

Journeys, literary, old movies, fitness



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