February 13

Personal history with South Africa and France

I am a junior engineer, I just obtained my diploma from the ENSAIA (National Engineering School of Agronomy and Food Industry) in Nancy (France). In South Africa to discover the country, wish to find working opportunities in Cape Town in food industry, pharmaceutics, cosmectics, biotechnologies. I am currently looking for a position in functions such as: production (support, continuous improvement, lean management) or R&D (project manager for process or product development).

Current company


Professional Background

In the last 6 months I did my final internship at DSM Specialties Cultures, in France. The plant activity is the production of food additives, flavorings, yeasts. I was in charge of two projects: improvement of extraction and freeze-drying processes. During my two years of Preparation for admission to French Engineering Schools I developed a solid knowledge base mainly in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology and a strong adaptability. Now, after three years at ENSAIA, I am comfortable with many specific subjects like bioprocess engineering, microbiology, food industry, agronomy, sustainable development. In addition to the theoretical knowledge taught at ENSAIA, I decided to do a gap year : the principle is to leave school for one year to acquire a significant professional experience by doing two six-months internships. This initiative is strongly supported by our school. It was a unique opportunity to strengthen my professional experience in a foreign country, improve my english and work with team members from all around the world. My many experiences in school associations prove that I know how to engage myself for a group, to include me into a team, even in a crisis situation.

Interests in life

Sport, trips, collections