Cape Town


December 20

Personal history with South Africa and France

Daniel’s incessant need to foster businesses through its growth cycle has been a foundation of his career thus far. He has proven to be a new breed of commerce industrialists with particular attention on e-commerce which is manifested in his position as CEO of Groupon South Africa. Groupon South Africa has fashioned much of its climatic rise on the same path charted by its holding company based in the US. Replicating success from an organisation which is the fastest growing company in history does not merely occur to any business venture. Daniel’s business acumen and core competencies was set in motion in the acquisition of Groupon SA and mapped out the strategic plan for the business to achieve. Exceeding every target set over the past 2 years for Groupon, Daniel’s role as a leader and an entrepreneur could not be more crucial to what has been achieved. He’s eccentricity in combining business intelligence with a raft of measures has been a talent cultivated since he first entered the business world and was enriched through his studies in the UK and progressed by his business experience in Europe. The neurosis of a business development mogul, with the consideration of a chief negotiator; Daniel Guasco is demonstrating that there is a new benchmark for entrepreneurs

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