Cape Town


April 13

Personal history with South Africa and France

29 years in France and now 2 in SA... I came to join my partner, and I fell in love also with the country.

Current company

Tray International

Professional Background

5-month Internship at SNECMA, space engines division (Vernon, France), working on the Vulcain 2 engine's combustion chamber material behavior 6-month Internship at PSA, quality dpt (Velizy, France) as a consultant in knowledge and quality management 4+ years at Renault Technocenter (Guyancourt, France) as a cockpit parts development leader (via Altran consulting group) 7 month at 60 layers of cake, advertising agency (Cape Town) as a community manager (current) 1 year at Tray International, as a team leader in admin services for Executive Relocations

Interests in life

cooking, nature, travel