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The perfect Gift solution finally arrived in South Africa ...

After a year of international and local market research on the leisure market in terms of the development of their new gift ideas product – Jennifer Middleton and Caroline Schuermans introduced Gift out the Box to the South African market in December 2011.

They started off with the concept which originates from Europe as they discovered that there were no local companies offering the choice of experientially themed gifts and that there was a great demand for this product as people are always looking for the perfect gift. Gift out the Box offers an experience rather than a material item that you are not sure the recipient really needs or wants.

There are 9 themed gift boxes which contain a guide book and voucher. The guide book describes the available experiences, once recipients have made their selection they simply make a booking directly with the establishment and exchange the voucher. Recipients are magically transformed from being obliged to accept whatever comes their way, to actively choosing their own gift and experience.

Our objective is to provide the perfect gift in a world where choice abounds. Instead of buying the same gift or giving the same generic gift vouchers, our product offers the recipient a choice of experiences that will recharge body and soul.


The Gift out the Box concept offers an exciting and fresh take on purchasing gifts for friends, family or co-workers. Too many special occasions such as: Christmas; birthdays; anniversaries; Father's and Mother's day; 

Valentine's day; corporate events, and too little time.


Visit the website and select from the range of gift box experiences, such as restaurants, spas, golfing and weekend getaways. This gift will be delivered to the recipient who will select from the guide book whichever experience they prefer. It's as easy as 1-2-3


Soon in Gauteng :

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