Cape Town


April 10

Personal history with South Africa and France

I wanted to move to Cape Town since long time for several reasons. One of wich is that I have a very good old friend who lives there with his family. I moved from Paris one month ago to discover a new life !! So I am very excited to be here.

Current company

In search of

Professional Background

My last job as an Head of Support" recruitment/internal communication/sales training in Paris/France, I worked also as an Head of Sales development" Key Accounts in culinary event catering compagny. During 10 years, in recruitment like Head hunter, Head of sales and consultants.

Interests in life

Decoration, cooking, painting, design, music, modern art, animals, nature, friends diners ...

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Deborah LEPRINCE left a comment for Gabriel Kroes

Right, very Nice of you for gobons me the name contact ...

Have. Nice day and hope to see you soon like a South african man which Many tkinks to learn me about the main points to respect on the way ok this country Life ;).

Nov 16, 2012
Deborah LEPRINCE left a comment for Arnaud Dabancourt

Thanks to answer to my requiest.

I saw that you're work in TRISTAN compagny and I'm in contact with the HR.

Could you please tel me how is the working ambiance in the open Space and if it's a open mind compagny ?

I'm open for others…"
Nov 13, 2012